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 General Information

      Flexible magnet is made of ferrite powder bonded with macromolecule compounds, such as CPE, NBR, CR, PVC, nylon, and PP etc. It is also called rubber magnet or plastic magnet because of its bond materials. It features in flexibility, and thus can be made into rolls, sheets, strips, blocks, rings and so on, through extruding, calendering, injecting, molding. It can also be laminated with pvc sheet, self-adhesive tape, coated with UV, or 4-color printed and diecutted into any shape. Rubber magnet is widely used in promotion gifts (called fridge magnet), outdoor advertising, door & window fixers, seal strips, stationery, exhibitions, toys, and also in micro-motors, color TV set etc.

      Our factory for rubber magnet locates in Dongyang city, it is famous as “Capital of magnet”, we have been equipped with complete product lines for all rubber magnets through processes of calendering, extruding, injecting and molding. Our daily output of rubber magnet is up to 50tons.

      High quality magnets at unbeatable prices despatched  within 24 hours including specialized manufacturing. Ideal for those Short Lead Times & Dead Lines.

      Our flexible magnet meet EN71-3, REACH, ASTMA F963-08 certificate, it is green production for USA and European market.


Advantages of our flexible magnet:

1. more than 10 years of production experience, good quality control. (ISO9001)

2. home-made powder, the advantages of cost control, the absolute price competitiveness

3. various mounted plastic, PVC, pressure flu paste or sponge paste

4. according to customer requirements, a variety of Daomo and plastic die, and so on. (Most free open-Charge)

5. protect customers of the product rights, all kinds of shapes and die products are earmarked for customers

6. At present, we have an impact on the domestic magnetic plastic toy manufacturers.

Flow chart

Feeding test Powderrubbermagnetic materials mixed calendering, extrusion finished assembly coated UV oil added Workers, cleaning mounted adhesive, PVC, photo paper magnetizing checkout die cut packing delivery


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